The Planetarium

The renovated M P Birla Planetarium opens a door to a fascinating journey in cosmos with its new makeover with a central Star projector, the Starmaster ZMP with the capability of simulating the Natural night sky, upto 6.55 M. Almost the same number of stars that an unaided human eye would see in a dark night sky.

Over 8000 stars produced by the Starmaster, every star is being produced by a unique optical fibre that enhances the brightness, thereby bringing the contrast much closer to nature

Excellent representation of the Milky Way, star clusters & nebulae with accurate simulation of more than 10,000 years of star positioning in BC & AD in perfect astronomical accuracy takes the viewers to a breathtaking journey… A digital fulldome projection system is combined with Starmaster with interlaced technology that enables accurate hybrid synchronisation..

Digital projectors from Carl Zeiss, Germany known as “VELVET” designed to produce the true “Black” of the night sky fills up the dome with more than 36 mega pixel. The brilliant colour & resolution is more than 5K produced by the VELVET projectors of Carl Zeiss adds a feather to the modernised dome at M P Birla Planetarium.

Hybrid Projector: Star Master ZMP Opto Mechanical coupled with 9 Ultra High Resolution VELVET Digital projectors

Dome: 23 metre diameter AstroTec (USA), made from high precision perforated Aluminum sheets

Seats: 570 push back progressively reclining seats in concentric arrangement

Other facilities: Astronomical gallery with interactive exhibits, Seminar hall equipped with smart board, Classroom & Library (for enrolled Students)